Data Protection Policy App

(As of November 2022)

The protection of your personal data and your privacy is important to us. We collect, store and use personal data exclusively within the scope as specified in this Privacy Policy. We maintain up-to-date technical measures to ensure data security. We also pass our data protection obligation on to our employees.

1. Subject Matter of this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to the mobile app named “” (hereinafter the “App”), which is offered by GmbH under the name “” or “eKidz”.

If you or your school/school authority has concluded an data processing agreement (hereinafter "AVV") with, the rules of the AVV shall apply and you may ignore the rules of this Privacy Policy.

The subject of the Privacy Policy is personal data. Pursuant to EU General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter the “GDPR”), personal data consists of the individual details about personal or factual circumstances of a particular or specific individual, such as their name, address, telephone number and email address. Anonymised information that cannot be assigned to a specific person is not considered personal data.

2. Responsiblity at GmbH

The responsible body within the meaning of the Article 4(7) GDPR is Limited Liability Company (hereinafter “ GmbH”), Steinstrasse 3, 81667 Munich, Germany, represented by the managing directors Nataliia Tetruiieva, John McDonagh and Felix Haffner. You can write to our contact person for data protection at

3. Your Users’ Rights

3.1. You have the following rights in relation to personal data concerning you: right to information, right of correction and deletion, right to limitation of processing, right to object to processing, and right of data portability.

3.2. You are also entitled to complain to a data protection supervisory authority in Germany about the processing of your personal data by us.

4. Subscription to Newsletter via Website or App registration

4.1 If you download the App and confirm your email address during the user registration with the registration code sent to you (double opt-in), you will automatically receive our newsletter.

4.2 In the newsletter you will receive information about content, events and other topics related to App. It also serves us to communicate important new information, such as software updates to you.

4.3 If you subscribed for the newsletter, you allow us to send you an email with a newsletter up to two times a month. The newsletter can be cancelled at any time. To do so, please click on the “Unsubscribe” link in the email sent to you or unsubscribe by sending an email notification directly to

5. Consent SendGrid and Mailchimp

We use the service providers “SendGrid” and “Mailchimp” to send our newsletter and other email correspondences.

You hereby agree on the usage of your email address and user name by SendGrid and Mailchimp and to the transfer of related data to the USA.

SendGrid and Mailchimp comply with the strict rules of the Safe Harbor Agreement as well as with the successor convention from 2016, the EU-US Privacy Shield.

6. Use of the App via Registration and Login

6.1 Before registering and logging in to the App, download the App from an App Store to your mobile device or computer. During the download, information is transferred to the App Store, in particular the user name, email address and user ID, time of download, payment information and the individual device ID number. We have no influence on this data collection and are not responsible for it. We process the data only to the extent necessary for downloading the App to your mobile device or computer.

6.2 Use of the App as a Familiy User

After downloading the App, private individuals who wish to use the offer must register in the App. During registration the following personal data is collected and stored:

The information is mandatory. You can use fantasy names.

Under your user account, you can then create up to 35 child profiles as sub-accounts to your main account. For each child account the following personal details must be provided:

You can use fantasy names as first name. You do not need to fill in the year of birth.

We will not pass on or publish the information you provide as a private user to third parties without your consent. When downloading the App, section 7 of this Privacy Policy applies to access authorisation.

6.3. Use of the App as a library customer or with access data from Hugendubel

You can use the App with your library card or Hugendubel access data. There is no need to register. As the main user, you can provide information about your surname and first name. They are optional or you can use fantasy names. As a main user, two children can create a sub-account; in this respect, section 6.2 applies.

6.4 Use of the App as a Teacher and School

After downloading the App, if you want to use the App as a school or as a teacher, you must register in the App respectively.

When you register in the App, we collect and store some personal information about you. This includes:

The information is mandatory. You can use fantasy names for first and last names. When you create a school, we also learn the name and address of the school (or educational institution).

After registration, you can create a user profile for each student as a sub-account of the school's main account. To do this, you must provide the following personal details for each student as a user:

We recommend the use of fantasy names. A password is automatically provided for the student account. It is not mandatory to enter the year of birth.

You can manage and change all information except e-mail address and name and address of the school in the user area in the account of each user (profile). We will not disclose or publish the information you provide as a representative of a school or teacher to third parties without your consent. When downloading the App, section 7 of this privacy policy applies to access authorization for all users.

7. Access Permission to App

When you download the app from the Apple Store and use it for the first time, for specific purposes, the following permissions are requested:



In-app purchases

Allows user purchases of media content

Device memory

Storing of recordings and other activities conducted in offline mode

Receive internet data: use of network connections, full access to networks, use of WiFi connections

Required to receive new content (books) and to transfer recordings and other activities conducted in offline mode

Camera: make and store pictures and videos

Required for video recording function while reading a book

Mic: audio recordings

Required for recording function while reading a book aloud

8. Consent for Recording of In-App User Behaviour Including Recording Feature

8.1 If you use the App as a private individual with your children or as a teacher and school with your students, you agree that we may record the user behaviour of the children/students in the App. This means that we record how often the App is opened, duration of use, which pages are read and listened to, how many and which questions are answered correctly or incorrectly, etc. We can only match these in-app behaviour data to a specific person via the user name. We therefore recommend the use of pseudonyms as user names for the children/students.

8.2 Recording feature: A function in the App that allows the children/students to record and save their own audio narration of the stories or read aloud texts. You agree that we can save this voice recording. The recordings can be deleted in the App at anytime by the children/students.

8.3 We reserve the right to use the usage data and voice recordings for scientific research in the fields relevant to GmbH. These are in particular the research areas of machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing (improvement of automatic evaluation and recognition procedures) and deep learning as well as efficiency of online learning procedures. In our research, we focus on solving problems in writing acquisition and language development. Our research serves the improvement and further development of the program. In doing so, we observe the recognized scientific data protection standards. This also means that we only process data in summarized, anonymized or pseudonymized form for research purposes and only pass it on to scientific research partners (Fraunhofer Institute, University of Regensburg, Flensburg University of Applied Sciences).

9. Security of the Website and App

We take precautions to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of your personal information, including: SSL (“Secure Socket Layer”) encryption for all app-server communication, and end-to-end encryption when downloading children’s recordings. uses secure data servers in Germany for all European users, in US for all American users (including South America). Composite servers in other countries are available on request.

You are responsible for keeping your password safe. Please never share your password. We secure passwords in encrypted form and therefore cannot send you your password if you forget it. In this case, please use the "Forgotten password" function in the App.

10. Transformations at GmbH

If the owners of GmbH carry out a restructuring of their business, for example, if the GmbH is transferred to another company or is otherwise taken over by another company or sells part of its assets, you agree that your personal data may be considered part of the transferred assets. The provisions of this Privacy Policy will otherwise remain in effect.

11. Amendment of this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy can be changed by GmbH at any time.